organicWhen Spring arrives, you may feel the urge to get your hands dirty in the garden. Or maybe you look at your neighbour’s garden each day and envy it. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to start a garden but don’t know where to start. This is the right place. Gardening isn’t about passion, but the commitment and desire to achieve your objectives. It can be fun and can be considered as a hobby. All in all we all need healthy food at the end of the day. So we must plant and tender for our plants so that we can harvest sufficient productivity.

 “You Reap What You Sow!”

Jessica Jessica
Hi there.

Tanya Tanya
What are you doing here?.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Tanya Tanya
No no no… Wait, you quit your job to embrace gardening? Jessica, are you mad?

Tyler Tyler
Gardening is currently the future of our nation.

Betty Betty
Yes, gardening is the future of those who fail in school work.

garden6 garden3This site was initially established in mid 2009 and operated through to late 2012. The site was then dropped. Luckily it seems that there is someone who found it beneficial and decided to reconstruct the site to serve its visitors who seek to know more about gardening and especially eco-friendly gardening. The website is being re-modelled to offer great info on environment conservation and sustainability while gardening.

There are great places where you can travel and visit some of the best gardens as well as great tips to help you improve your home garden and enhance its productivity.


Megan Megan
I love Eco-tourism.

Betty Betty
But you are poor and can visit any place.


Tanya Tanya
Maybe he wants to learn more about setting up botanic gardens which are eco-friendly and will eventually attract visitors.

Betty Betty
But the site is still under construction.

Tyler Tyler
There some published posts which are still available.

Gretchen Gretchen
Of course they have great info.


Note for future reference. There is a lot of archive pages on wayback machine.

The actual gardens are still there, with a new name: Horticulture Center of the Pacific.