Need for Sustainability in Gardening.

gardenSensitization and awareness on environment conservation and sustainability has been lately adopted in various botanic gardens. This has seen an increased growth in visitations and sightseeing of the gardens by the public so that they can learn a point or two on how to establish such gardens which adhere with the principles of sustainable development and environment conservation.
This has in turn resulted to the rise of garden tourism as such botanic gardens become visitors’ destination.

Design and Implementation of Garden Sustainability.

garden2Environment conditions are major factors which are considered by tourists when they are selecting a preferable destination.
When you establish a botanic garden which is uniquely designed to offer an experience which adheres and advocates for environmental awareness, more visitors are likely to be attracted to sightsee the garden. You maybe wonder about the measures and ideas to be implemented to establish such an eco-friendly garden. Consider these.

1. Increase awareness and sensitization on sustainability.
This can be achieved by influencing the visitors’ behavior in a manner which reduces any negative impact on the environment.
Methods to use include:

• Promotion and emphasis of sustainability through direct communication with visitors such as guided tours which are accompanied by education materials.
• Educating and raising the awareness through strategic poster & notice board placements.
• Planning & scheduling an event to promote and educate visitors on the need for sustainability.
• Organizing campaigns and charity events/drives to promote environmental awareness.
• Forming partnerships & associations with government, NGOs and other bodies with the aim of promoting sustainability.

2. Involve community.
Involving the local community – schools, hospitals, individuals and other corporations/local businesses to be stakeholders in sustainability. This can be done through:

• Formation of community forum/group to champion sustainability.
• Encouraging local tourism.
• Involving local leaders and elders to champion sustainability.
• Setting up environmental management plans & activities for a community e.g. setting aside a day for community clean-up and litter collection by everyone once a month.

3. Designing a Resource Management and Protection Plan.

garden3This is geared at maintaining and enhancing the environment degree and quality of a garden. This can be done through;

• Protection of sensitive areas within the garden and also around the surrounding community.
• Documenting and analyzing factors and public behavior which contribute to sustainability and promoting them. Any factor which contributes to environmental degradation should be condemned.
• Assess and analyze the impact of any project (on- going or proposed) on the environment.

4. Encourage local tourism to visit the eco-friendly garden.

You need to promote local tourism as you target foreign tourist. This can be achieved through.
• Encouraging and promoting the use and adoption of good environmental practices.
• Establishment of environmental award scheme for locals businesses and individuals to recognize any environmental conservation efforts.
• Provision of advice, training and awareness of good business practices which are eco-friendly e.g. no dumping waste in river.
• Working with government and other bodies to advocate for laws & legislation which promote sustainability.
• Develop local tourism packages, to promote sustainable visiting /holidays by the local community.

water5. Promote water conservation

Advocate for the best practices to conserve water. If irrigation is used in thee garden, then measures should be used to conserve the water any only the necessary volume of water should be used.